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Bakfiets Long with Shimano STePS system

And of course the Urban Arrow!

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Behind the Scenes in Holland

There is a reason why we love Azor so much, not only do they test every single component, but they engineer their bikes so the ride is like no other.

This behind the scenes footage is incredible, it is subtitled, so you can follow along in English. By the 7 minute mark you get to learn all about their salt bath invention.

A Gem of a Jem on bicycle Safety

The best Bicycle Safety video ever made, o.k maybe not the best, but it is from another era and it is a cartoon.

Jem and the Holograms. Yup, going old school on this.


So I remember this so vividly, that I had to share! Except when I look at it now, I think, the Dutch had it right all along. They built bikes as Vehicles, and are meant to ride in the dark! You don’t tend to buy a car without lights, so why would you buy a bike without lights?