2 Wheels in Snowmaggedon

It snow, and I mean, it really snowed. But we still 2 wheeled and if you aren’t following us on Instagram you might want to find us at Urkaiinc

There is a bike under there, I swear


Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

It started on Friday, we thought it would be a few centimeters, which it was. A beautiful light layering of white fluffy snow! We woke up on Saturday to see a massive blanket of snow.


The first thing our 3 year old shouted was “Santa can finally come, it is snowing out!” I guess that is true, Santa does love snow. Thank goodness for a backyard, because I sent our little 4 legged girl out for an early morning break, she was not impressed:


She could barely walk in the thick snow, and I looked out and realized it had been my turn to put away the bikes, which I did not…


Snow mounds accumulated on them, which in my opinion looked beautiful! At least these Dutch Bikes and Bakfiets are meant to be ridden in the snow, and live outside, just a little more difficult to shovel the area with them in the way.



Snow is beautiful for Christmas, but then it is time for it to melt! How did you spend your snow day?