Upcycling Part Deux

Got to love finding crazy everyday pieces that individuals use for anther purpose. As you know, I love finding these crazy things, I posted about it Upcycling at Its Best, and Upcycling Chic and Genius!

Well, if you go vegan, you can always make your cheese graters into light fixtures!




Check out the drawers that are used to showcase nick knacks on the wall.



Have doors? Why not use them as shelves.



Drum roll please

Surprise! Yes, that is our store, and we are beyond excited to have our sign up, and paper down!

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Pinch Me, Thank You!!

Not one to almost faint at the mere sight of stats, but somehow, in the 100 posts we managed to blog, we got over 2000 hits, and somehow you all stuck around. Another Huge Thank you!




In all of that – the 2 most viewed –

A Little Friday Humour

Is Your Bike Ready For Winter Riding? Don’t Get Left Out in The Cold.

Hilarious that the Friday Humour one gets so many views, but I still love the priest riding with a confessional on the back! So here is hoping that the next 100 posts are that much fun, and exciting as the first.

Have a good evening.