Slippery When Wet

We decided to head to Niagara on the Lake and follow the path to Niagara Falls. The great thing about this path is it is mostly segregated, on one side of you is the water, the other, mostly wineries (not bad if you ask me). We were well prepared with snacks and rain gear, the forecast was calling for showers.

The moment we began biking, we noticed a massive and very dark cloud following us. It began to drizzle. My Birkenstocks felt spongy, then felt like marble when wet. I could barely keep them on.

We decided after 10km, we would turn back, it looked like a thunderstorm was brewing. We got back to the van, loaded the bikes in, and the down pour began.

My Birkenstocks slid off of my feet, I could no longer curl my toes to keep them on. I guess they are no good for rain. Which brings me to ask, what shoes do you wear for summer rain?



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