Super Stylish Mum

Stylish Mum riding with a basket with flowers, cute wedges, and the cutest munchkin riding on his prime bicycle seat.

Super Mom


This is not our photo, and I have attempted to find its origin, but have not yet.


3 thoughts on “Super Stylish Mum

    • I am not sure where this picture was taken, depending on where, there would probably be no helmet laws. In countries like Denmark and the Netherlands, due to infrastructure, bikes having right of way, and the use of city bikes (you aren’t in it for a race), there is no need for a helmet. I like to focus on how lovely it is to see a Mum out with her child in this manner, it is just lovely. 🙂

    • It looks like she’s on a raised (i.e. protected) cycle path. Since cycling in itself is not a dangerous activity, she doesn’t necessarily need a helmet. Cycling only really becomes dangerous enough to warrant protective clothing when it is done at high speed (i.e. for sport) or when integrated with motor vehicles.

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