Back to School

So, while the rest of the world was working, including my better half, I took it upon myself to run errands (including an eye appointment) and do some back to school shopping. Well, having never experienced the mayhem that comes with school shopping, my first time was less painful due to the fact that I went on a 2 wheeled lovely.


I had a little voice pipe up that it would be nice to just bring the bakfiets right into the mall! Yes, I would love that, but obviously that just aint gonna happen any time soon. I was just excited that the mall had fantastic covered bicycle parking, that was wide enough for  cargobike – YAY, BURLINGTON!!!

Then came the shopping, after already having made it to the eye appointment. SHEESH, who knew that when your child lives in shorts and t-shirts for the summer you don’t realize how much they have grown. I was  little perplexed and lost!

I overheard tantrums, a whole conversation with a girl who couldn’t have been more than 13 telling her mother why she needed thongs for school…OH MY!!!!

So, it is that season, back to school! When does Mum get a day?

Have a good night




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