His and Hers

A classic, made modern. I like to think of these as old world diplomatic bicycles. I grew up with only navy blue diplomatic official cars, this colour reminds me of that.

Azor aluminum pickups, Brooks Leather saddle and grips.

Via Urkaiinc Instagram

Blue Oma Pickup


blue double tube


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2 thoughts on “His and Hers

  1. Beautiful bikes, fabulous paint. I’m curious though, is the weight difference between these and their steel equivalents significant? What’s the ride like compared to steel? Is the load capacity any different? Aluminium has been the way forward for a lot of commuter bikes, I’m just wondering about its future for Dutch bikes…

    • Azor makes some sweet rides. The weight, especially between Azor’s Aluminum version and steel version isn’t huge, neither is the load capacity. Azor engineered them so they are read for child transport, so they are pretty strong. The Aluminum is not stiff like the steel, and the steel fully loaded can withstand anything. The aluminum is more stylized. We have discovered that those who are intimidated by the fully loaded steel version tend to go for the aluminum. Or in many cases, they just like the colour. The steel is still the most popular by far.

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