Update Time!

Wow, how the heck did that happen? All of you wonderful people somehow got us over 2000 on Facebook, and 200 on WordPress. No words, just an incredible amount of gratitude!

On another front, the first day off from an incredibly hectic year, and my little man comes down with an extreme cold. I find it hilarious, and a reminder that one can’t quite plan for everything.

So, on a day where I have been fetching and helping to blow a tiny nose, I got working on Instagram and made a grave discovery.

None of my hashtags are working on Instagram any longer.

I have searched high and low on google, attempting to find an explanation or a remedy. I have rebooted my Iphone, I have uninstalled then reinstalled, tried to unlink Facebook then link it back up. Nothing is working.

NOTHING is working. I am not sure exactly how to start a fun Instagram contest if none of my hashtags work, and the photo will not show up anywhere.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Some have claimed that if you stop using it for a time, it starts again, but honestly, it is just odd. I should chalk it up to the fact that Social Media might be just an odd and quirky thing.

Have a good night!


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