Is your bicycle safe for child transport?

Urkai Child Bicycle Seats

We get a lot of questions regarding kids bicycle seats, and in many cases, we get photos of various bicycles and whether or not you can fit a bicycle seat on the bicycle. We never comment on the actual bicycle we don’t sell.

Every bicycle is engineered or designed with a certain purpose in mind, and all frames have a weight capacity. Road bikes are built to be lighter, in order to go faster. Mountain bikes are built lighter with better shock absorption to go down mountains. They all have their purpose and they are all great for the purpose they were built for, but not all bicycles can do everything!

Before thinking about buying a new bicycle or a kids bicycle seat for your family rides, do a little research.

1) When it comes to a child seat, always find out from the bicycle manufacturer what the weight capacity of your bicycle is and if it is suitable to carry children. If they can’t tell you, that should be a red flag.

2) calculate your weight, the actual seat, and your child’s weight in order to know what your full weight is before shopping around.

3) for front carriers, you must install the seat to a stem that is  STEEL!

4) check for proper comfort and clearance. Many bicycles are not long enough in the body to have a front child seat attached, the compressed body can be uncomfortable for a parent, and your legs bow out too much around the seat.

5) Remember you want to be safe and comfortable to enjoy the ride together


Happy Riding!


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