And along came “Pollinate”

Yes, it is true, we had to create a trio of bumble bikes,

There once was Bee-kissed via our instagram Urkaiinc:

Urkai bee-kissed


Along came “Bee-Stung”! Via Instagram Urkaiinc

Urkai Bee-Stung


and we then had to have the bakfiets version “Pollinate” – Get it! Via Instagram Urkaiinc

Urkai Bakfiets


This whole process started innocently enough, but when the winner of our contest was picked last year, we got inspired to do a trio and name them with bumble bike themes.

What do ya thing?


9 thoughts on “And along came “Pollinate”

  1. Hi there, does provide the kind of wheels that I can see in the picture above, or are these wheels sourced from somewhere else? When I was in Amsterdam the bikes didn’t look like they had anything quite so sturdy on them… Cheers!

    • These are all bakfiets, wheels included, sometimes it looks like the wheels aren’t sturdy,, but everything from the factory is built and engineered with weight and balance in mind. The tires are Marathon Kevlar coated tires (puncture resistant). Cheers!

      • I’m familiar with these black-rimmed wheels and I have a set on my Azor – they’re absolutely bomb proof and totally strong and reliable. It just surprised me that the bikes in Amsterdam generally didn’t have these wheels. Perhaps the ones I saw were all older models… at any rate, thanks for letting me know!

      • I am surprised, they could have been older models I know Bakfiets.NL has been using the marathon’s for a while, they are the best tires, and yes, they are generally bomb proof! I have never noticed the tires in the Netherlands or the difference! Cheers.

    • My apologies, the rims and spokes for every bakfiets have been the same for many years. does and incredible amount of testing, just like they do on their Azor bikes, if a different tyre is swapped out (usually not be it looks completely different. Even when you swap out the tyres of the Azor they don’t look as strong. I should pull up the video of how they are made, it is incredible.

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