Pick a colour, any colour!

We are pretty excited about this, having always been travellers, explorers, and yes, commuters (Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and parts of Europe), it is safe to say, that this beautiful folding bicycle would have been very handy!
Coming in delicious candy colours, and having a choice of a handlebars, seats and gears….o.k back to the pretty colours, and how incredible this little bike is. The Brompton, built in England and made to last:

Brompton, Urkai

You can fold it, cover it and bring it right into the restaurant. You can fold it, and bring it on an airplane with you – I would have loved it when travelling for work, plus it is light and easy to carry, put in the back of a car. It is genius, and having ridden it around, I can now say it is extremely comfortable.


brompton colour


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