Huge Announcement!

We are so excited for this, it has been a year in the making, and lots of travelling to finally find a perfect space. Hope you are just as excited as we are. Stay tuned for a massive contest, a lot of behind the scenes on our instagram (are you following us yet?) and lots of hilarious updates – lack of sleep, 4 year old and a launch of our storefront will lead to some pretty funny stories.





3 thoughts on “Huge Announcement!

  1. Best of luck with a…bike store? I have some friends who just moved to Burlington’s lakefront area. Her hubby is a cyclist ….and his family is from the Netherlands. 🙂 I’m sure he will discover your place.

    Um, he was showing (off) his expensive road carbon bike last summer.

    • We have never considered ourselves as a full bike store, but yes, there will be bakfiets and bikes! We have been a round for a little bit. Just moved the whole business from Montreal. Burlington is fantastic, very outdoorsy, and people are out on so many different and fabulous bikes.

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