Lego my world

If you haven’t figured it out, we happen to be parents…not sure how you might have missed that, but yes, we run everything with an almost 4 year old running around! Having spent years with this incredible little man, watching his brain develop, his imagination expand and his interests blossom, he had me stumped one day. He is obsessed with Lego, building full cities, designing on paper, and then developing roads, parking, buildings, gardens, bridges and train tracks. My world has become finding a way to a) walk around all these pieces as to not break the building, myself, or b) Inflict pain to my bare foot from stepping on a rogue Lego piece.

One afternoon I heard a cry out, “Mummy, where are the Lego bicycles? Every city needs to have bicycles, we need bicycles so that kids can go to the library, to the store, to class.” – I had to shake my head, it was a pretty awesome observation. So the search began, every time I went to the store, I checked out the Lego section, nothing.

I started to hunt on – not exactly the easiest website to go through with a 4 year old on your lap! I started to wonder if there was anything available! I started to check out blogs, other big websites, and even Ebay.

I finally found them, only after I discovered they no longer make them! WHAT????



So after a plea on Facebook, this image was sent to us! This is just about the coolest Lego piece, but I can’t find it and have no idea if this exists. Do you know???


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