Annnniiiiiimaaaaal on a Bicycle

Have you ever found a decoration, and thought, yes, I must have that, but only for the purpose of putting various Muppets on it? Neither did I, until,  well, I found a small bicycle, the chain, wheels and pedals are functioning. The woman at the cash thought it was a little strange, she even asked “why would you want a bicycle as a decoration?” – um, hello? Why not? Most bicycles are pieces of art!


In this case however, the 3 year old in the house thought it was perfect to start putting various Muppets and Fraggles on! What a brilliant idea.

So Animal was the first to take a spin, but Red (the fraggle) had to jump on soon afterwards. The decoration is no longer a decoration, it has become the functional toy for all toy animals to take a spin on.

As a parent, you just have to have a sense of humour about your home!



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