Superheroes on a Bicycle

The men who have sported those fabulous superhero costumes for the sake of a movie, didn’t just ride fancy cars, they happen to ride bicycles too.

The original Super Man, Christopher Reeve, still love those Superman movies, how can you not.

Christopher Reeve

Of course, who can forget the Man of Steel: Henry Cavill by Mark Seliger – Boss Tom Ford spring 2013


Then there is Christian Bale, Batman, wish I knew the origin of this picture, at least there is a credit on the pic!


And probably the most unflattering of all the pictures, Batman would be a little more fashionable, Val Kilmer Via

val kilmer


4 thoughts on “Superheroes on a Bicycle

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    • Thank you! I am hoping at some point I can carve out more time to write, for now, it will remain more picture oriented. Love your blog, I am always surprised by the accounts of our history, and things I had totally forgotten. Don’t know where you find the time, but I love it!

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