Taking a spin along Niagara

If someone in the Urkai community tells us about a cool bike path or area, we will most likely test it out with a bakfiets and bicycle. We heard about an incredible trail along the Niagara, packed up and headed there.

On a perfect fall day, this trail was nothing short of absolutely breathtaking. There is plenty of free parking all along the trail – which is really nice. There is one public washroom, and great picnic areas along the way.

The path is lined with the most amazing pear trees, stop knock one off and eat it, you won’t be disappointed!





We stopped along the way and picked up some fruit at a stand, the grapes were unbelievable, and yes, stop and get some wine for the evening.


This was a mini church, mini bakfiets (you can check out the bakfiets in Canada at http://www.urkai.com) meets mini church! Where this church is, is also a cute little fruit stand, bake shop and ice cream place. Behind it, are some clean washrooms. It is a great place to stop with kids.



What you need to know:

1. This area is beautiful, the trail is well taken care of, but during the summer it would be absolutely jammed with runners, walkers and cyclists. The fall is calmer, more scenic, and you aren’t fitting through swarms of bugs and people.

2. There is a place to rent bicycles, but you have to drive to get to it, which is unfortunate if you start from Niagara on the Lake.

3. You can ride a bicycle all the way to Niagara Falls, we didn’t do it, mostly because the trail gets a little confusing in a few places, and with a toddler in tow, it was best to just turn around.

4. Pack sunscreen and a picnic!

Have fun.


3 thoughts on “Taking a spin along Niagara

  1. Hope you make it to Niagara Falls. Even better Fort Erie! We were last on the bike path this past spring and loved it.

    We have cycled round trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls when we lived and cycled in Toronto.

    • Oh I can’t wait to do Niagara Falls by bike. We attempted to ride from Niagara on the Lake, but got a wee bit lost due to construction. Would love to hear more about your adventures from Toronto to Niagara Falls, that would be a gorgeous journey.

      • You can follow the Waterfront bike route from Toronto for a good piece…there are some connections to make after Burlington-Hamilton, etc.

        In the summer, the Go train runs twice or once per day from Toronto with a bike train car to accommodate cyclists! Do check the train schedule and ask. We did that last year because we didn’t have time to cycle all the way there (it’s 120 km. 1 way from Toronto to Niagara on the Lake) since my time in Toronto is very limited and I need to visit my family, close friends.

        Rief Winery…sells great ice wine by the way. 🙂 Even in tiny bottles…maybe for a hubby gift. 🙂

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