Finally, a pretty Bicycle Shopping Basket!

Most bicycle baskets are too small, and you can’t put that much weight in them. As much as baskets look cute, they tend to be useless when you put more than a purse in them. In my case, a purse, shopping and toys.

The Bicycle Shopping Basket changes all of that! Not only does it look great, but is functional on a whole new level.  I decided to test it out on the cute Bee-kissed bicycle:


I often take the bike to run errands, it is way more fun, and I get prime parking. So, in an emergency Thanksgiving crisis, off to the grocery store to buy missing items.


Not only did everything fit into the basket, but no bags were needed or wasted, and the weight was nothing on the bike! It has easy slip on and off function so the basket goes into the store with you! The best thing, the slats on the bottom make for easy cleanup, if anything spills it is a quick cleanup, and it comes in some fantastic colours!

Check out




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